Natural chews for dogs.

In our opinion, they play quite an important role in the life of a dog.
They are useful not only for playing, but also for learning. They satisfy the daily need for chewing and biting. Small pieces are suitable for rewarding the dog for good behavior, while large chews such as a bone or antlers can keep the dog occupied for a long time. This is especially appreciated by puppy owners who will not find their furniture chewed up in their absence. Also, thanks to our good snacks, our dog will remember routine visits to the vet in a nice way and even a momentary parting will not be stressful. Natural, because without artificial preservatives and colors. We do not add artificial flavors, so our chews have a specific smell desired by animals, but not necessarily by humans. What is most important? You can give them without a guilty conscience, because a healthy dog is a happy dog. All our products are hand-made and subject to selection. A large number of orders means that the goods are sold on an ongoing basis, so that your four-legged children get freshly dried snacks. We offer treats for every dog. Our specialty is beef rumen made from stomachs, for those with impatience we also have it in ground form as an addition to food. They are especially recommended in case of problems with the interest of our dog in the excrements of other animals on a walk, they improve intestinal peristatics. We recommend packets for a small or large dog, which are a perfect solution for layette from the kennel, or a welcome gift for a new member of the family. Continuous desire to develop makes our range is constantly expanding.
At the moment our products are only available online. If you have a stationary store and would like to sell our delicacies at your place, please contact us. We will be happy to work with you …